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Related Projects

This page summarizes projects that are related to the ta4j library:

Libraries extending ta4j

This section contains libraries which extend the functionality of ta4j, but were not integrated into it:

| Name | Description | Link | |——————————|——————————————————————————————————————————————-| — | | quandl_loader | Data loader that pulls data from quandl.com |GitHub| | Lib_ConvertTimeSeriesObjects | Converts between different timeseries representations (JFree, TA4J, JTable) and offers a detection of the dominant frequency of tick data | GitHub | | ta4j2 | Simplification of ta4j. Dropping Num and using double GitHub |

Libraries using ta4j

This section contains other libraries which make use of ta4j:

Name Description Link
OpenFXMiner Data Mining engine for FX and Stocks trading GitHub
Sum Zero Trading API Java API for developing automated trading applications which includes support for connecting to Interactive Brokers GitHub
ta-toolbox A collection of lesser known Indicators and tools used by Technical Analysis and Quantitative Finance GitHub
trading-helper A library to help in trading decisions integrating Yahoo YQL API GitHub
ta4j-strategies Sharing and discuss strategies based on ta4j (beta) GitHub

Applications using ta4j

This section contains applications which make use of ta4j:

Name Description Link
MyOpenTrader Trading-engine which connects to the Interactive Brokers API Link
the-turbine Set of server-side components that perform automated technical analysis on stocks GitHub
samurai A GUI and workbench for testing and developing strategies GitHub
ta4jCharting A simple charting application for plotting indicators, trading records and bar series GitHub
TAcharting A charting application for downloading and plotting indicators, trading records and bar series GitHub
Cassandre A trading bot framework for developing your own strategy Link, GitHub

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