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How to Contribute

What is a contribution?

In our terms a contribution is already to share a good analysed bug report Found a bug? If you want to go deeper and you want to contribute test cases, e.g. for a quality contribution (identify a bug) or to help us to keep the lib clean and stable. Or you have even a nice idea, which you would like to contribute as code? You are always welcome. We suggest you before you contribute a bigger work to get prior permission, since we want to verify first if the contribution will bring the lib forward. We will give quickly a feedback if we will accept the contribution.

How to contribute?

In the most cases (e.g. bug fixes and little enhancements) you can create a pull request to the master branch. For bigger improvements please open an issue to discuss your plans.

Take a look at the branching model to get an overview. You can fork and clone the repository and set up the master branch as follows:

// fork repositroy on Git UI from https://github.com/ta4j/ta4j.git to https://github.com/yourAccount/ta4j.git
git clone https://github.com/yourAccount/ta4j.git
cd ta4j

You should always create a new branch (forked from master branch) for enhancements or bug fixes:

git checkout -b feature/name-of-your-feature-branch
git push --set-upstream origin feature/*
// implement changes on your branch
// format code, add license header and run unit tests with maven:
mvn -B clean license:format formatter:format test
git add myNewFiles.java CHANGELOG.md
git commit
git push

The last step would be to do a pull request from your branch to the master branch of the ta4j repository. If you want to do a pull-request, the best way is to do is via Git UI:

Coding rules and conventions


(in progress…)
First things first: Feel free to write awesome code! Do not hesitate to open an issue or a pull request just because you fear making a mistake. Others can review your code, give you tips and can correct you.



If you want to add a new indicator to this repository, please open an issue first to discuss your plans.